By visiting this website you will be able to have a better understanding of what Mindfulness is and the ways in which it may be of benefit to you in your daily life. Most of the programmes and days offered are in Cork. For bookings please use

Catherine Sutton has been offering mindfulness courses for 14 years and has considerable experience in this area. The three programmes she offers are:

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for those new to Mindfulness

Mindful Self Compassion for those wishing to learn ways to be more gentle and kind when challenges arise.

Interpersonal Mindfulness Programme which is bringing mindful awareness into interpersonal interactions.

Mindfulness is simply the practice of paying attention, of being aware of what is going on in the present moment. It is an ancient practice, dating back over 2500 years, and has profound relevance in modern daily living where a lot of the time we are living in automatic pilot and not really aware of what we are doing at any given moment. See What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can help us to see that we are all on a path that unfolds day be day, and that what happens now in this moment has an influence on the next. The only way we have of influencing the future is to own the present, so it makes sense to pay more attention to the present.

Mindfulness encourages an attitude of care and kindness towards ourselves and this, in time, helps to off-set the usual harsh judgements and criticism we tend to have. Skills of self compassion are taught within all the 8 week programmes.

Self Compassion is a very valuable skill to develop. It helps to undermine the more common habit of self criticism, judgement and feelings of inadequacy and builds resources that support emotional / mental wellbeing and greater happiness. It is taught in a new 8 week programme called Mindful Self-Compassion.

Interpersonal Mindfulness is a wonderful course which enables people to see how much day to day suffering/ discomfort arises when in interactions with others and offers skilful ways to work with these challenging relationships.

You can explore some tips for daily Mindfulness and can practice interrupting a stressful, busy day by introducing some simple Mindfulness techniques into your activities. See Everyday Mindfulness

You can investigate ways to learn Mindfulness through participating in a structured 8 Week Mindfulness Programme.  See Courses and Retreats

The benefits of Mindfulness can be appreciated by reading the information on the Specific Applications of Mindfulness.

There is a Resource page where you can find information on the latest research into Mindfulness and a list of books that may be of use to you.

Courses for 2022

These weekly courses will be offered on Zoom

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Four week course - Grateful Living

Starts 8th March one night a week

8- Week Mindul Self Compassion

Starts 12 th April one night a week

WEEK LONG RESIDENTIAL RETREAT - Ennismore Retret Centre Cork

29th April to 5th May 2022


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